innovations & Creativity

MCB has provided Award winning homes and additions since 1987. Each of our projects are designed to meet our customer’s distinct personal tastes and lifestyles.  We only use the finest materials and we confidently provide a 2-year warranty on every project.  This dedication assures you’ll receive exactly what you want–a professional, custom crafted home–on time and within budget.

Custom Homes

Mr. Molidor works one-on-one with his clients to create the home of their dreams.  A special feature of Molidor Custom Builders is the capability to provide our clients with Award-Winning architectural and interior design services.  We’re confident these services provide added value to every home because each project is specifically tailored to our client’s requirements.

Home Remodeling

Contact us for a free estimate on your home remodeling project. You can enjoy the look and feel of a new home, with the bonus of staying in your current neighborhood. Remodeling an existing home is an increasingly popular option for homeowners in the Chicago area.


Molidor Custom Builders built Chicago’s first “Healthy Home,” and was the custom builder for the first LEED home in LaGrange which featured many healthy amenities to promote resident wellbeing, such as, Emission-Free Cabinets, Specially Sealed Floors, Air Purifying Systems, Water Purification Systems, Triple-pane energy efficient windows.

Educated Buyers

Tom Molidor teaches an adult education class at Lyons Township High School, How to Design and Build Your Next Custom Home and/or Addition. Tom guides class participants through the various stages of design and construction, describing the various options and highlighting the key issues. If you’re planning to build a new custom home or add on to your current home, we recommend attending the class. Buyers who do attend the class almost always enjoy the process more and finish with a better home than buyers who don’t.

Detailed Estimate

We pride ourselves on completing high-quality custom homes and additions on time and within your budget. We do all the work, from initial design, through the mechanicals, and all the way through to the finishing touches. Please contact us for an estimate on your remodeling or custom home project.

Featured on Houzz

We knew about Green Building and Healthy Homes years before it it became popular. A pioneering leader in the industry, Molidor Custom Builders built the first Healthy Home in Chicago–an accomplishment that resulted in the coveted Crystal Key Award.  MCB has also won numerous other Key Awards including, Architectural Design, Interior Decorating, Construction Excellence, Innovation and Creativity. Our dedication ensures you’ll get exactly what you want: a professional, custom-crafted home.